Room Hire

We love people using our excellent meeting rooms at the Seawinds Community Hub. Rooms are available for hire during normal business hours, evenings and weekends by arrangement.

We offer a variety of sizes and extras. So whether it’s a special interest group, a business meeting, a sporting club, an exercise class or a craft group in need of a meeting facility – we’ve got a room for you.


  • Cafe on site

  • Free off-street parking

  • Receptionist services

  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Wheelchair-friendly
  • Catering to order

  • Heating and cooling

  • Outdoor courtyard area

  • Free tea and coffee

Looking after the space

When using the Hub’s space and equipment, the Hirer is:

  • Not to use or operate any Hub equipment other than that specified in the written Agreement
  • Is responsible for bringing the room back to its original condition at the close of their activity. The Hirer is required to return furniture to the same position as it was at start of hire. The hired room(s) must be left in a clean and tidy condition. This includes assembling/disassembling all tables and chairs used for their group
  • Is responsible for removing all decorative material, left-over items, left-over food and beverages, etc, after the close of their activity
  • Is responsible for turning off all lights, heaters, and air-conditioners when finished with the room(s)
  • Is responsible for providing all supplies and materials necessary for their activity
  • Must close and/or lock doors (where applicable)
  • Is responsible for leaving the kitchen in a clean and tidy condition (where applicable), all fixtures, utensils, dishes, and cutlery are to be left in good order and clean condition
  • Must ensure all rubbish is disposed of in the rubbish bin(s) provided
  • Must ensure they / their members do not enter nor use any other area of the Hub other than that identified (and paid for) as part of the Agreement

As a not-for-profit organisation, the Hub operates on minimal staff and it does NOT have staff to clear, clean and put away furniture and room items for individual groups.

If areas are not left in original condition after an event, and in a usable condition, a fee for clean-up and any remedial works will be charged to the Hirer.

Download our 2024 Seawinds Community Hub Room Hire Terms and Conditions here.

Rooms available

Conference room 5 (Black) 32sqm

It is light, bright, and airy with windows. This room is ideal for meetings and conferences. A small kitchen with servery is available

Multi-purpose room 8 (Yellow) 52sqm

It is light, bright, and airy with windows. From this room you can access our internal courtyard set up as a children’s play area and a courtyard where our Seawinds Garden Conversations group has a kitchen garden where you can sit amongst the flowers. A small kitchen with servery is available.

Meeting room 12 (Red)

It is light, bright, and airy with doors that lead to the Cafe courtyard where you can enjoy nice, relaxed atmosphere filled with beautiful colourful planted pots maintained by the Garden Conversations Group and Men’s Shed.

Meeting room 9 (Orange)

It is a light, bright, and airy with doors that lead to the Café courtyard. This room is an ideal space for an arts studio with a sink and lino floor.

Art room 9 (Pink)

It is light, bright, and airy with doors that lead to the Cafe courtyard where you can enjoy nice, relaxed atmosphere Extra resources; Kitchenette, Craft room, Wet area.

Our rates below reflect how we support and encourage community participation

Room Hire Rates Hourly Half Day Full Day Flat Rate
Not for Profit $25.00 $80.00 $140.00
Commercial $35.00 $120.00 $200.00
Neighbourhood House Community Programs $4.00 per person
AA & NA Programs $25.00 per person
Cafe Class 1 Kitchen (only available from 4.30pm) $45.00
* all rates are inclusive of GST

There is no surcharge for weekend and evening bookings.

Terms and conditions of room hire are available here.

Booking form

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