22 June, 2023 – Welcome to our new CEO Resmin.

Men’s Shed Latest Project

The Men’s Shed has completed the installation of the 26 outdoor tables at the Rosebud Primary School over the September school holiday period. Bruce Turner (President Rosebud RSL) and Leigh McQuillen (Acting Principal Rosebud Primary School) caught up with the hard-working Men’s Shed team at the school to give the tables a test. The tables will be used by students during recess breaks and for outdoor activities. This has been a fantastic project for all involved. The Rosebud RSL has been able to support and fund a very welcome upgrade to the outdoor space at the school. The school has been provided with outdoor tables, which under normal circumstances they would not have been able to provide. And the Men’s Shed has been able to complete a project that provides a tangible benefit to our local community. A win-win for all involved!